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Our Difference

Juniper Payments is the industry leader in providing financial institutions with Internet-based transactional, reporting and aggregation management platforms. Designed to service both correspondent and commercial/ community bank needs, our services are delivered as individual transaction modules within a cohesive and powerful centralized administrative control and reporting infrastructure.

Private labeled and customized for each of our clients, Juniper technology harnesses simple yet powerful online payment technology that you simply will not find anywhere else in the industry.  At Juniper, we focus on the systems and integration to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   

Juniper customers save you money by consolidating and automating payment functions.  This improved efficiency of service delivery allows you to focus on your customers’ needs and increase market share and add value to your bottom line.

Juniper's Story

In the late 1990's three community bankers saw a need for online software tailored specifically for community bankers' needs.

Juniper Payments was originally founded in 2000 by a group of community bank entrepreneurs who seized an opportunity to fill the gap in available internet technology designed specifically for financial institutions. Originally called, we delivered a variety of affordable, web based solutions to streamline internal banking operations, including lending analysis. This early success led to the creation of our Correspondent Gateway service that successfully manages a broad set of banking transaction, reporting and risk management tools for correspondent to offer to respondent community banks and credit unions.  Within a decade, our company became the premiere third party provider of SaaS online correspondent institutions in the U.S.

In 2017, became Juniper Payments, and our Correspondent Gateway currently services over 3500 institutions with over 20,000 daily users.  With this transition, we have expanded our original correspondent service model to also directly meet the needs of larger commercial banks and credit unions for wire transfer and international transaction services. 

 Our dedicated staff averages over 11 years in service and provides a depth of technology, payment and industry expertise that makes us more than technology providers.  In our commitment to service excellence, Juniper invests in our staff members maintaining multiple industry accreditations to assure that we understand payment trends and regulations and are ready to bring new services to the market in a timely manner.  We are problem solvers, collaborators and solution finders. Located both in the heartland of America, Wichita, Kansas,  our product reach extends from coast to coast and around the world.  

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