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Juniper Payments transaction services provide key interfaces and automation to any financial institution by leveraging Juniper’s connectivity, payment entry, transaction management and connectivity to the Federal Reserve and third party providers.  These services can be deployed to your financial institution’s front-line staff for entry and approval, and to back office operations for automated validation, posting, transmission and reporting.    

Juniper can provide the entry portal, balance verification, risk management, disclosures, posting, transmission and acknowledgements for all time-critical payments, both domestic and international within a single infrastructure.  This efficient application provides powerful automation to streamline manual processes, eliminate errors and improve audit trails.  

Integrated Services Include:

  • SaaS secure hosted technology infrastructure
  • Complete transaction, account management and reporting
  • Administration and risk management
  • Optional integration with core processing systems
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Automated Wires & More

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Juniper's complete real-time wire origination and delivery service, JuniFunds provides a direct messaging interface to the Federal Reserve for immediate validation and transmission of wire transfers. Available funds are automatically verified and transmission confirmations are received within seconds of the wire order being sent, providing your wire department with streamlined operations and full visibility of exceptions as they occur. JuniFunds also includes the ability for your financial institution to deploy additional faster payment types to your service set including RTP and soon, FedNow℠ Services. 

International Payments Interface

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With our International Payments interface, you no longer need to sign on to other systems to originate cross border transactions. Juniper has interfaced with trusted, top-tier 3rd party global exchange providers to bring you a variety of exchange service options and real-time rate exchange information. 

Payment processes are streamlined by combining currency exchange rates, origination, and secure file transmission into one application. Once a rate is confirmed, our intuitive wizard based origination template guides you through each step of the payment process. Printable integrated customer disclosures provide compliance convenience.


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Juniper Payments provides full origination and receipt of ACH files. Our direct connection to the Federal Reserve, ACH Advance, offers unattended delivery and receipt of ACH files while extending origination deadlines past your normal business hours, freeing up staff previously tasked with manual download and upload procedures.

FedGlobal® Interface

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Juniper provides a simplified method for originating and sending cross border ACH payments with our Federal Reserve FedGlobal interface service. This unique service provides an intuitive and compliant international ACH origination process while adding flexibility to how banks and credit unions manage foreign payment transmissions. The service includes integrated printable customer disclosures for each transaction processed.