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Juniper Payments, LLC Jumps Forward Into Bank and Credit Union Space with Acquisition of Business April 11, 2017 ·  Wichita, Kansas

Juniper Payments, LLC dba today announces its purchase of the business. The acquisition brings with it the LendingTools software as a service platform that has connections with thousands of banks and credit unions
across the United States. The system is utilized as a primary payments and reporting mechanism for the financial institutions that utilize the service.

Juniper Payments has rehired all employees of LendingTools, and will keep all operations intact in Wichita, Kansas. The transaction has been diligently structured to have no operational impact on customers. Juniper Payments will build on the existing services and resources of LendingTools to diversify its product portfolio and generate international growth. “The LendingTools system is the private market standard for financial institution wholesale cash management in the U.S.,” said Jon Budd, CEO, Juniper Payments, LLC. "I have been part of LendingTools from the ground up, and now I have the opportunity to help lead this company to another level in the industry. The team we have is the best in the industry, and everyone is excited.”

Additionally, Jorge Jimenez joins Juniper Payments as Chairman of the Board. Jorge is currently the CEO of, LendingTool’s preferred partner for cutting edge international blockchain payments, and delivery of foreign banknotes to U.S. financial institutions. Jorge was previously a Product Development Director for International Payments at the Federal Reserve Banks.

Piteco S.p.A. (Milan, Italy), through the vehicle of Piteco North America, is an investor in Juniper Payments, LLC. Piteco is the specialist in providing modular and sophisticated cash management solutions to corporations worldwide. The companies intend to work
together to market their services in a broad marketplace. “This is just the beginning of our efforts to greatly enhance our product portfolio and reach. This partnership is excellent for our employees, customers and long term growth,” said Jon Budd of the transaction.