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Juniper Payments Announces New Management Appointments May 07, 2018 ·  Wichita, Kansas

WICHITA, Kan.--Juniper Payments is the innovative technology team driving domestic and international payment solutions for over 3,000 financial institutions in the US including ACH, Wires, Checks, Compliance, Blockchain and Global Processing. Juniper’s cloud-based ecosystem empowers banks and credit unions to maximize revenue with streamlined operations by utilizing integrated transactions, reporting and risk management tools.

In April 2017, Juniper Payments announced the acquisition of the business, which included the purchase of LendingTools’ innovative software-as-a-service payments and reporting platform. Juniper Payments rehired all employees of in the acquisition and maintains operations in Wichita, KS.

The experts in the Juniper Payments team collaborate with customers to successfully deploy applications that achieve their strategic goals. Juniper is pleased to announce the new management team leading the company into the future by empowering users with innovative and time-saving solutions.

Leading the company are Jon Budd as the Chief Executive Officer & board member along with Jorge Jimenez, President and Chairman of the Board.

Jon Budd has been with the company for over 14 years where he previously served as Senior Vice President of Business Development. His knowledge of payment systems, leadership in sales initiatives and negotiation experience make him an invaluable leader for the Juniper team.

Jorge Jimenez provides Juniper with a wealth of payments knowledge from an extensive background in the payments industry. For the past 20 years, Jorge has changed conventional wisdom on payments by helping financial institutions capitalize on the latest innovations while implementing new payment infrastructures for entire countries. Jorge has worked with governments and Central Banks in over 50 countries, including the Federal Reserve where he was Product Development Director for their International ACH solution. Jorge will put his innovative skills to work with Juniper by leading the charge in identifying emerging payment solutions that will add value to current solutions and create progressive opportunities for market expansion.

Joining the C-level team as COO is Tony Vastola, a 12-year veteran of the company, who started as the Electronic Check Project Manager; he played an integral role in the nationwide implementation of the OnWe® Image Exchange Network. With over 17 years of FI Services experience, Tony is recognized for his tireless advocacy for customer service and promoting operational efficiencies. Now serving as Chief Operating Officer, he will manage daily operations and lead the IT steering committee. In addition, Tony holds a National Check Professional certification.

Jon Schrag began his employment with the company just over 12 years ago as a Support Specialist. Jon’s understanding of software applications has since led him through positions of Product Development Associate and Product Development Officer. Jon’s penchant for problem solving and programming has earned his recent promotion to Software Development Officer. He will lead all software development efforts and serve on the IT steering committee.

Mike Richert started his career with the company in 2004 as the first Support Specialist. In 2005 he became the company’s first Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) on staff. Mike’s capacity for understanding complex payments systems, excellent customer support and knowledge of Juniper’s ever-growing payments platform has led him to be named Chief Product Officer. Mike enjoys collaborating with customers and the Juniper programming team to ensure successful application development, testing and deployment.

Scott Oakes has been promoted to Vice President of Information Technology. He started with the company 4.5 years ago, where he has been an important asset serving as Senior Systems Administrator. Scott holds a Master of Science degree in Computer, Information, and Network Security from DePaul University. His passion for cybersecurity will serve Juniper well as he works with the IT steering committee and continues as Senior Systems Administrator.

“Our customers deserve the best group we can provide and that is what we strive for,” said Jorge Jimenez, Juniper Payments President. “Our collective strategic vision and having a management team who will act on that vision is important to us and we feel that is what we have in place.” “We are proud of the team we have put together,” said Jon Budd, CEO of Juniper Payments. “Their proven commitment to customer service, collective payments experience and application innovation is a natural fit for our company and the customer centric culture we have.”